Digital Visual Presenter

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What is Presenter?                                                                

Companies where everyday a number of meetings and conferences take place for important decisions, often need a way for their employees and managers to view paper documents and images at once, and a digital presenter is the only tool up to the job. The digital Presenter can display written notes, diagrams and hard copies of documents with assistance of a projector and a screen mounted on the conference room's long wall. And with its high resolution, this unit is capable of displaying extremely minute detail. In addition, it takes up a small amount of space and unlike electronic whiteboards, it can display paper copies and users can face your audience while writing.

Visual Presenters in Education:

At the Primary/Secondary Level

One of the most popular arenas for digital presenter use is education settings, where experiments in chemistry and biology, for example, must be demonstrated to large students. Teachers can immediately utilize the digital presenter as an advanced overhead. And they are immediately comfortable with it that way. Using the digital presenter, teachers can display the real world examples or student work for valuation by the class as well as use the draw features to highlight, underline and write on documents that are displayed. Students in the back of the room are able to see what the teacher is trying to show them. Thus the students are much more engaged and involved in the learning process. 

 At the College/University Level: 

This presentation device can display documents, images and 3D objects in the lecture halls for instance, which seat 100 or more audiences. Since lectures can include 8.5 x 11-inch documents printed in minuscule 8-point type, details from charts, books, 3D objects and more - some of which may be almost invisible to the naked eye - the presentation device have to be able to magnify images. Digital presenter is easily the best solution. In addition, since the digital presenter output is live video, the device easily supports video-conferencesand distance-learning programs.

 Legal & Law Proceedings
At courts, the digital presenter is used to present key evidence in a wide variety of cases. For example in a medical malpractice case, the personal lawyer can have the client place her damaged hand on a digital presenter, then feed the video through an LCD projector, so that everyone in the court room can see and examine it in real time. Being able to view and discuss the evidence in real time is a true advantage in court.

 Medical Applications

 Using digital presenters, doctors can directly display x-ray films of patients research it in a seminar or take tissue samples from patients and have a specialist hundreds of miles away examine them. The digital document cameras offer a wide depth of field and shadow-free illumination, both of which help doctors obtain clear images.

 Military Briefings
Instantly make printed maps, diagrams and charts visible to everyone in the room, and at other locations, at the same time. Very detailed images will be clear and crisp with the magnification features critical. Ask us about video conferencing applications for the Samsung document cameras/visualisers.

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