Projector Brands


In Depth of Projectors , There are lot of  Technologies in Projectors viz  LCD , DLP,LED , LCOS , and D-ILA The most popular technologies are  LCD and  DLP .

LCD Technology

A self-contained unit that combines three LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels and a high intensity light source for a complete computer and/or video projection device. LCD projectors come in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. The basic design of an LCD projector consists of a light source, a prism to split light into Red, Green and Blue which is then passed through the transluscent LCD panels, combined and focused via optics onto a projection screen. LCD offers huge advantages over older CRT based projectors in brightness, size and weight.

DLP Technology

A self-contained projector alternative to LCD technology using Texas Instruments DLP™ technology. DLP (Digital Light Processing™) typcially uses a single self-contained digital display chip, actually called a Digital Micro mirror Device (DMD). The device contains millions of microscopic tilting mirrors that are tilted to either reflect light, or not, depending on the video signal. This complex, but ingenious device, actually only produces images in black and white, but a high speed rotating color wheel is introduced into the light path to transform the image into color. In contrast to LCD, the light does not pass through the DMD device, it is reflected by all these tiny mirrors. DLP projectors offer the same advantages over CRT as does LCD projection, while allowing lower power lamps to provide brighter, higher contrast images, but also introduces a mechanical device, the color wheel motor.

The popular Brands Using these technologies are

EPSON                SONY       BenQ          SHARP