Plasma Display


     The inspirational image reproduction of the Sony plasma TV turns your vision into reality. Technologies in plasma Television like capsulated color filter, accucrimson and advanced accublend provide consistently superior image quality and flawless color balance.

Sony Plasma Display

Delivering realistic colour for video, our range of Plasma Display Panel makes the perfect tool for advertising content or video presentation. Versatile in its video offering, it comes equipped with Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to simultaneously view two separate video sources.

Our Plasma Display Panel comes in two sizes, 42" and 50", for you to choose from and contains analog and digital inputs for both video and PC devices. Enjoy extreme realism with our Plasma Display Panel now.

Features of Plasma Dispaly

  • Plasma manufacturers have made much of their 160° viewing angles, which is about as good as horizontal and vertical viewing angles get
  • Plasma gets the nod here because of their excellent performance with fast-moving images and high contrast levels
  • Plasma, on the other hand, utilizes slight electric currents to excite a combination of noble gases (i.e., argon, neon, xenon), which glow red, blue, and/or green
  • Plasma technology has increased anti burn in tactics as well as computer and static signal handling
  • Plasma technology consists hundreds of thousands of individual pixel cells, which allow electric pulses (stemming from electrodes) to excite rare natural gases-usually xenon and neon-causing them to glow and produce light

Resolution of Plasma Diaplay

  • 42 inch Plasma TV has a resolution of 1024 X 768
  • 50 inch plasma TV will have a resolution of 1366 X 768

Size of Plasma Displays

  • 42" Plasma TV
  • 50" Plasma TV
  • 58"+ Plasma TV